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CSTAIE Board Members

President: Megan Day
Vice-President: Sam Coleman
Secretary: Juan Palomares
Treasurer: Vicky Sedgwick
Communications Manager: Debbie Weissmann
Chapter Liaison: Myra Deister


Email: inlandempireca@csteachers.org

CSTA Chapter News
Our March Chapter Meeting was a PD led by Colleen Lewis, who had been one of our IE chapter leaders, but was enticed away by U of Illinois, Urbana Champaign. Colleen shared teaching methods to help students see the underlying structures of CS problems. In this PD she used Scratch to explore common patterns of iteration. Here is a link to the PD https://tinyurl.com/cmxmmbs  Here is a link to her slides  https://tinyurl.com/csta2021-03-24
"What is measured is what is improved."  Peter Drucker
Our January Chapter Meeting topic was 'Formative Assessments.' We talked about the ways we can provide formative feedback to our students, with particular attention to how we can provide meaningful feedback when we are all online due to Covid-19.