Posted by Debbie Weissmann
Mark your calendar now for our next PD on August 26th at 4pm with Vicky Sedgwick: "CSTA Standards for CS Teachers." Link to Registration.
"Effective CS teachers continuously develop their knowledge, practice, and professional identity to keep pace with the rapidly evolving discipline. They are reflective practitioners who self-examine their pedagogy, teaching strategies, strengths, and areas that need improvement or revision. This self-reflection helps teachers develop changes in attitudes and awareness, which lead to their professional growth and ability to support their students."
This PD will introduce the CSTA Standards for CS Teachers and associated resources for Reflective Teachers. Vicky will share how to use the Self-Reflection Checklist to help identify strengths and areas of growth and the accompanying Roadmap to Professional Learning to help identify specific professional learning needs.
Vicky Sedgwick is a K-6 Computer Science Teacher and was one of the writers of the CSTA Standards for CS Teachers.