Posted by CSTAIE

In 2015, Juan Palomares, after being part of the CSTA Southern California chapter and living far from the meeting location, saw the need to create a CSTA chapter in the Inland Empire, and initiated the process to create the Computer Science Teacher Association Inland Empire chapter. He networked with Professor, Colleen Lewis, from Harvey Mudd College located in the city of Claremont, California.  Professor, Colleen Lewis, right away became excited about the project to provide guidance and resources to the teachers in the Inland Empire who use some kind of technology.

In September of 2016, the new CSTAIE chapter became into existence after a long process, and with the support of Harvey Mudd College, we hope other teachers, colleges and districts in the Inland Empire area will join us to collaborate and share ideas.

We invite you to explore our webpage and website and join us to support Computer Science.