Posted by Megan Day - CSTAIE President
Our year in review and plans for 2021.

What a year. As educators, we’ve had to adapt and grow more than any year past. We’ve done our best to nurture our student’s academic growth as well as their social emotional well being.

Your CSTAIE board has been working to maintain some normalcy by providing you with resources and support at our Monthly Member Meetups. The summaries of these meetups can be found in the stories below. In the background, we’ve added two new board positions to help manage our communications and transitioned from the Meetup platform to MemberNova to help us organize our events and resources. We hope these changes will put process into place that will continue to push us forward as a chapter.

For 2021, we’ve partnered with other local Southern California CSTA chapters to host our Monthly Member Meetups. We hope by combining forces, we can better support our members and provide a space for rich discussion. Keep an eye on our CSTAIE Events page for the dates/times of our Monthly Member Meetups!